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2018 Spring Season Softball

The URA program is designed for girls to learn softball skills and have fun with their friends.
All games are played at URA's Abby Miller field - which means more time on the field and less time in the car!

The program begins in early April.  The games are scheduled until early June.  By the end of the season the girls will have grown in their skills and love of the game.

The URA program is built into 4 groups. 
8U - Players ages 5 to 8 are encouraged to develop their skills.  Games are a mix of coach pitch and player pitch to keep the game moving. 
10U - Players ages 8 to 10 advance in their skills in a competitive format.
12U - Players ages 10 to 12 continue to advance and get ready for middle-school softball.
14/16U - Players ages 13 to 16 build skills with teams from other local programs.